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China packaging machinery industry should take the brand strategyDate:2017-12-26 From:KPACK

Food packaging machinery, relatively speaking, is a relatively slow development of the industry, its shortcomings. Is mainly reflected in the following aspects: because the enterprises of different origins, funds, equipment, technical strength disparity, the starting point is different. The overall trend is high starting point is less, the majority of enterprises are hovering at a low level of equipment. An area of much home in the production of large, repetitive, price competition is fierce, the profit is weak.
Recently some export enterprises found that some business opportunities in foreign markets tend to jump on the bandwagon, make some products for customers and their killing each other, fling caution to the winds to price, not only profitable and "sell" too. That industry people still did not change the concept, may be Chinese nearly a hundred years of poverty and backwardness creates an "even products simple coarse point, as long as it is cheap, can make do with it" mentality. To participate in international market competition in this state of mind, will eventually lead to foreign to our products as the object of anti "sell" investigation, then the loss is not a business but the entire industry.
Therefore, now the packaging machinery industry should take the brand strategy. Adhere to the "quality first" the enterprise first is the basis of a leading brand in the competition, coupled with the constant innovation, exploration and application of frontier technology and high-tech enterprises, famous, famous products will be gradually filtered out. For example, beer, beverage filling production line, corrugated cardboard production line, instant noodles production line, cup filling machine, wide format laminating machine, more than 200 liters VAT blow molding machine, BOPP bottle blowing machine, chocolate, etc. Although homogenizing machine equipment production enterprise many, but is famous degree tall, big sales has presented the trend of concentration, well-known enterprises, famous brands are gradually formed.

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