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Food and beverage industry is the demand for large packaging machineryDate:2017-12-26 From:KPACK

According to relevant data shows, food and beverage industry occupies an important position in national economy, in the world scope, the proportion of investment is large, is also the largest buyers of packaging machinery, occupy about 60% of the share.
Recently, the German Trade Association VDMA said, the world packaging machinery over the years has been on the increase. In 2008 the global packaging machinery market has reached 14600000000 euros. In 2009 because of the recession curbed demand and exports decline. But in 2010 the global market began to turn for the better. Report on the global industry analysts GIA display the global packaging machinery market in 2010 to $32500000000, in the emerging market demand driven, expected 2015 sales of more than $40000000000. MPI group reported that, although the manufacturing plants around the world continue to cut capacity, but also nearly half the companies plan to increase spending on production equipment.
GIA believe that behind the packaging equipment sales growth is the main driving force is due to the development of emerging markets, especially in the Asia Pacific region, Latin America and the middle east. GIA explained, this is due to the emerging countries to accelerate the development of the rapid expansion of industry, food processing and durable consumer goods industry, at the same time, there are a large number of foreign investment.
Competition is global. According to VDMA, Germany's share in world trade was 34%, sales of EUR 4000000000 in 2009, compared to 2008 decreased by about 25%. America, Russia and China is Germany's most important export markets. By comparison, packaging machinery exports in Italy in 2010 about 9600000000 euros. Member of the North American Trade Association of PMMI is mainly engaged in the processing, packaging and converting equipment business, its purpose is to promote successful member of expansion of volume of North American exports in the global market, the high-end market is promoted the rising demand for packaging machinery. Beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care products and chemical products to the rapid growth in demand for packaging machinery. Freedonia forecast in 2014 the food will account for 43% of global sales, the drinks will be the fastest growth, average annual economic growth rate of 5.3%. This is not surprising, considering that 2050 may have 9000000000 people living on the earth, they all need to eat and drink.
PMMI said the global buyers machinery will continue to look for more functionality of the operating system, the operating efficiency is higher, at the press of a button switch, can reduce energy consumption and save labor. All of this should have a reasonable price. VDMA noted that the distributed servo technology, reduce the system energy consumption will be a trend of packaging machinery. GIA says there will be more used in the servo system of packaging machinery, and more automation system.

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